the TUF Family

Rhonda Lavoie

Broker/REALTOR®/Partner/In house Mortgage Associate

Growing up in the prairies I was taught to be respectful, have pride and be honest, these are all things that I carry forward today in my real estate business.  I believe it to be important to conduct my business professionally and as such, I treat my clients with respect, show pride in my work and am honest with everyone in a transaction. 

In my free time, I love to travel with my wife Crystal and our daughter Brielle.   When travel isn't possible you will find me at home puttering around the house or yard .

c: 306-321-7299


Mortgage associate # 507859

Crystal Lavoie

Animal Care Specialist/Partner

Crystal Lavoie is a self taught artist, decorator, designer and creator who started with drawing from a very young age.  Over the years her interests expanded and along with that came custom artwork and décor orders from both family and friends.  All of these skills were handy when designing, building and decorating her dream home, The Urban Farmhouse (TUF), along with her wife and daughter.  After the completion of the TUF residence, it was clear that her interest as a multi-artist should expand into creating, designing and selling her work to the public.

Crystal has turned her love of animals into a Small Animal, Bird &  Reptile Petsitting business. Cats & dogs have plenty of boarding options but owners of exotics find it hard to find care for their unique family members. The Urban Farmhouse welcomes them all and cares for them as a part of the family.  Rumor has it that they all get a little spoiled....but you didn't hear it from me!!


When not using her creative juices or tending to the little TUF zoo, Crystal enjoys entertaining, spending time with family & friends and traveling the world. 

Brielle Lavoie

Daughter/TUF Kid/Hamster Trainer

When she’s not taming wild hamsters, Brielle can be found learning in her 4th grade classroom, riding her bike, swimming in the pool, playing with the dogs, dancing, swinging, and hanging from the monkey bars on her play center, or making YouTube videos for her channel.


Brielle is an active girl who loves spending time with all of her family and friends. She loves to vacation just as much as her moms do and her passport is pretty impressive already. She enjoys adventure in all of the places she goes and it’s always safe to say she’ll make a friend anywhere in the world.


Brielle would like to be a vet when she grows up. Her current dream is to learn alongside the famous Dr. Pol.

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