Who are we? Who is The Urban Farmhouse? What is The Urban Farmhouse?

Where has this summer gone? I honestly don't know? It's already late August and our hot days and warm nights are slipping away from us. In the blink of an eye, they leaves will be changing color and fall will be in full swing. I'm definitely not ready for that.

We've had a busy first summer here at The Urban Farmhouse. Technically this isn't our first summer in the house, but yet it is. Last summer we lived here, but our days, nights, weekends...basically every waking moment, were spent building something. And although we were constantly working to finish the house, I'm glad we did it that way. We now get to enjoy our home with family, friends and even strangers, which is why I'm here to answer your question. Who are we?

Who are we? Who is The Urban Farmhouse? What is The Urban Farmhouse? It's a few questions that really mean the same thing and people want to know. It's been asked numerous times, by numerous people, at numerous events over the past year. I can never really come up with a solid answer because I know people are looking for a simple one. And for those of you who know us, you know we are not simple. We are dreamers and doers which means we are a lot of things all rolled into one.

This blog started a long time ago. I (Crystal) have been blogging for a lot of years. I can't actually remember when I started but it's been over 10 years now. When I started, it was basically an online diary. I barely had any followers and it really didn't matter to me. I just enjoyed writing about basically anything and everything I could think of to write about. But back then I leaned towards self healing. As time went on and our path changed, so did the blog. We moved to Texas which gave me amazing adventures to write about. My followers grew and people became more interested in the life we lived. When we moved back to Canada, the blog turned towards DIY, crafting and home décor. When we decided to pursue having a baby, the path of the blog changed once again and this really grew the number of people following our story. And once we started the dream of The Urban Farmhouse, yet again that changed the path of the blog and the numbers grew even more. And here we sit today.

Rhonda & I met 22 years ago and have been together since. Our lives have changed dramatically since then. We've done a lot of growing, both separately and together as a couple. Our paths have taken dramatic turns during this growing period, and thankfully each of those paths has lead us to a better place in life. And each place has given us positive experiences with some amazing people along the way. Each person has contributed to the people we are today, in some way. Some people have come and gone from our life while others have stayed and have become a part of our extended family. And through all of that, I think the one thing that Rhonda and I have learned as a couple is that we are social people, we love to be around people, we love making new friends and we love entertaining.

Pancakes & Pajamas: Our biggest event with 45 people

Fast forward to the idea of building our dream home. When this whole part of the journey started, we knew we'd be building this house to share. And early on in the build, we started Fun Fridays with a group of friends. Fun Fridays are almost every Friday where we share meals, swimming, theme nights, games, camping weekend, campfire evenings, fun, friendship and laughter. The number of people changes every single week, anywhere from 2 to 45 people in one evening.

Rhonda & I have a large network of friends and acquaintances, mostly due to Rhonda's Real Estate business, and we've allowed others to use our home to host their small event. Since our home is large, it offers the space (and pool) to entertain.

We've also started hosting classes in our home; the first being a Succulent Workshop where we put out an ad (Facebook & Kijiji) to invite people to join the class, and an outside company came in to teach everyone. It was a huge success and we plan on hosting numerous events over the coming up winter, when life isn't as busy for everyone.

The Succulent Workshop with 26 people

his spring we held our first Flea Market event and plan to make it a yearly thing. When we went with the idea, we originally thought we'd get a small handful of booths and a few dozen shoppers, but it went above and beyond that. We ended up with almost 40 booths and I can't even guess how many shoppers came?! We had people here as soon as the event opened in the morning and people still arriving after booths were shut down at the end of the afternoon.

Rhonda Lavoie REALTOR

Along with Rhonda having an office space for Real Estate, in our home, Brielle & I also offer Small Animal, Bird & Reptile Pet Sitting for Saskatoon & area. 

Email: crystal@tufsasktoon.com

So this still leaves me without being able to answer the question. Who are we? Who is The Urban Farmhouse? What is The Urban Farmhouse? We are so many things. But first and foremost, The Urban Farmhouse is our home and we love sharing that with you!

If you can come up with a solid answer of what is The Urban Farmhouse, we'd love to hear it. 

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