In the Beginning ~ Part 2

Was The Urban Farmhouse always meant to be a business?

If you ask the owners, the answer is no. If you ask the Universe, the answer is obviously yes.

When thinking of the design and purpose, Rhonda & Crystal Lavoie knew that TUF would be built with entertaining family and friends in mind, and that they wanted everyone who entered their doors to feel warm, welcome and at home. A lot of thought went into things like the placement of the main floor bathroom, which is close to the pool. The vinyl flooring and pine walls allow for the humidity of having a pool right in the living room. And the built in speakers make music happen pretty much everywhere, both indoors and out. Very few details were overlooked.

The couple also took decorating into their own hands and constructed the concrete counter tops, concrete en-suite shower walls, custom window framing, unique balcony railing and most of the decor with their own two hands. These creative touches gained the couple even more exposure with their growing audience. Everyone who entered the doors had nothing but nice things to say and many encouraged the couple to branch out and explore some business options.

With Rhonda already being an established real estate agent in Saskatoon, branching out and opening her own brokerage was a relatively easy decision. But while the decision was easy, the time and preparation wasn't. A lot of heart and soul poured into this process in order to make the dream a reality. Having an in-house mortgage broker is the icing on the cake and makes this business stand apart from the rest.

The social & market part of the business just sort of happened. The couple already enjoyed entertaining in their home and had already started to host small events with family and friends. On top of that, TUF had already begun hosting a spring outdoor flea market and Crystal had been crafting and up-cycling items to be sold to anyone interested.

Anyone who knows this family knows they are owners and lovers of some unique pets. The decision to open their home and offer Small Animal, Bird & Reptile pet sitting was an easy one for Crystal and the couples daughter Brielle. Together they make it possible for others to vacation with peace of mind, knowing their little family members are being well taken care of and probably slightly spoiled.

For a business that was never really meant to be, The Urban Farmhouse sure is going places.

Questions? Please ask. Comments? Please share. And please enjoy our photo memories.

TUF House ~ TUF Family

TUF Pet Sitting ~ Kemah chilling in the sun

TUF Social/Market ~ Upcoming 3rd Annual Flea Market

TUF Social ~ Visionboard Workshop

Rhonda and Audra in the New Office

Opened the Brokerage September 2018

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