In the Beginning ~ Part 4

To All The Animals We've Loved Before

It all started because we love animals.

The first to make a home with us was Latte, the teeniest black Netherland Dwarf Rabbit. She lived to the age of ten. Next came a hedgehog and a couple of sugar gliders. Over the following few years, word got around that we were animal lovers; especially exotic animal lovers.

The first phone call came. His name was Stewart and he was a very spoiled, very large, guinea pig. Then came two ferrets. And from there we became Chaotic Exotics Small Animal, Bird & Reptile Rescue. Within the first year we took in animals from every corner of Alberta and Saskatchewan and by the second year we had accepted our first parrot via plane.

Along with the rescue, it became our mission to educate about exotics and their care. Our main animal ambassador was Thai, our Common Marmoset Monkey. We visited countless classrooms and trade shows with Thai, Willow the sugar glider, Karma the hedgehog, Century the tortoise and BeeJay the African Grey parrot. Life was never dull with anywhere from 20-70 mouths to feed and cages to clean.

We barely made year four with the rescue. We were drained financially and emotionally.

Fast forward to a year and a half ago when we announced we'd be offering Small Animal, Bird & Reptile Pet Sitting from our home. The decision was quite easy. We were already raising a little animal lover so why not provide affordable exotic pet care while filling our need to give love to others pets while their owners are away? It would also give our little animal lover the opportunity to meet, care for and learn how to handle numerous animal species.

TUF Petsitting has opened us to new experiences, amazing animals and their loving owners. We've made friends, both human and animal. Brielle has earned some responsibility and some extra special moments feeding, holding, snuggling and playing with these awesome pets. We welcome them and treat them just like we treat our own.

No truer words are spoken when I say that it all started because we love animals.

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