Should I wait until spring to list my house?

This is a pretty common question that is asked of me and the answer is...it depends. :)

- Do you want to leave your home for showings when its cold outside?

- Do you want to ensure the walk and driveway are shoveled before a showing?

- Do you want to move in the wintertime?

- Do you want to keep the house neat and tidy while you wait for the right buyers to come along?

Winter listings!

If you have no issue with any of these question then the answer to my first question is NO, you should not wait until spring to list. The truth of the matter is life happens and people buy homes in the winter. Let's face it we have snow and cold temperatures for almost half of the year! Of course people will buy or sell during this time.

The upside to selling during the winter months

- buyers are usually more serious, less looky Lou's!

- less inventory on the market to compete with.

- timing might be good to declutter as you are less busy out of the house.

If you are considering listing your home and wonder what it would list at in the current market conditions give me a call/text. 306-321-7299 or shoot me an email @ rhonda@tufsaskatoon.com

A CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) is free with no obligations. I will never pressure you to list your home if it doesn't make sense for you! I am her to work with you, FOR you!

Great clear sky's for photo's!

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